Team Building

Players Win Games - Teams Win Championships

A team is like a film crew – a variety of different roles coming together to produce one seamless product.  From casting director to producer, actor to cameraman, everyone has a different talent, but together they synergise into a  perfect working machine.

The key therefore to team building, is to focus in on each distinct talent but also seem them as a slice of the whole.  An individual needs to be encouraged and supported to the next level for his own sake but just as important is his relationship and ability to work with other individuals, because it the team that completes the jigsaw.

Consider team building scenarios which allow for a variety of roles within one.  A sporting competitive activity only allows budding Olympians to shine but a “thinking & doing” challenge or a skill not based on intellectual or physical ability allows room for everyone from back-of-house technicians to front-of-house sales people.

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