Newmarket Racecourse

Considered the home of British horse racing for over 300 years, Newmarket boasts 2 racecourses: the Rowley Mile and the July Course. As it name suggests, the Newmarket July Festival is staged at the July Course. The July course has a special style and in 2007 a £10m redevelopment of the existing facilities at the July Course in Newmarket was completed, ensuring it’s position as a first-class sporting venue. 

2021 Fixtures

Newmarket Nights                              July Festival

Friday 18th June (evening)                         Thursday 8th July

Saturday 19th June                                     Friday 9th July 

Thursday 24th June                                    Saturday 10th July

Friday 25th June (evening)                         Cesarewitch Trial Day

Saturday 26th June                                     Saturday 18th September

Friday 16th July (evening)                           Cambridgeshire Meeting

Saturday 17th July                                       Thursday 23rd September

Friday 23rd July - Tom Jones (evening)      Friday 24th September

Saturday 24th July                                       Saturday 25th September

Friday 30th July - Olly Murs (evening)       Sun Chariot Day

Saturday 31 July                                          Saturday 2nd October

Friday 6th August (evening)                        Future Champions Festival

Saturday 7th August                                    Friday 8th October

Friday 13th August -Rick Astley (evening)Saturday 9th October

Saturday 14th August                                 Two Year Old Day

Friday 27th August                                      Wednesday 20th October

Saturday 28th August                                 Final Meeting

                                                                    Friday 29th October

                                                                    Saturday 30th October




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